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I am very enthusiastic about Deva Peat Silk. All silk properties as I know them are included. The silk has a warming or cooling effect, the fabric is strong and yet pleasantly soft. As an electro-sensitive person, I fed several caps with Deva peat silk. Actually, the fabric is too good for that, but the result is wonderful. I feel enveloped and protected in the head area, especially in public transport. I am particularly happy that the moths are allowed to hatch. I will continue to experiment with peat silk. Thank you for this nice product.

Female, about 50 years (translated from German)

Energy and Transformation

What is special about this substance?


It surrounds and permeates something very old. The color is a very bright dark green with a turquoise shimmer, old energy, old light, old liveliness, as if this would no longer exist in this form on today's earth. It has wisdom stored in it and acts like a catalyst: everything that meets this old energy is transformed into a new form. As if wisdom put my own energy and the energy from outside in a good light. In what is there, what is needed. This substance is not about protection in the sense of defense that nothing harmful comes in from the outside, but rather a transformation, a transformation of the negative into something positive - no matter what it is.


This metamorphosis of energies seems to me an absolute sign of the times. This is the way! Cell phone radiation, 5G, vaccinations ... everything is there. We cannot prevent this, we should not either. Do not banish the dark, but transform the dark into light. In all areas.


 This is a fabric that would be wonderful to dress with, to wrap yourself with, especially for babies or toddlers, it would be a gift.


Marius Thorsten Ramazani www.mariusramazani.de (translated from German)


Peace Silk Shirt


It feels wonderfully soft and velvety and yet light on the skin, even in summer temperatures. It gives me a "royal" feeling. And I feel a clear shielding effect on electrosmog. When I wear it, I'm surprisingly not exhausted, even if I spend hours in downtown Hamburg. All networks including 5G and WLAN radiate there.

Female, about 50 years (translated from German)

Evaluation of fabric samples


A fine, intense, mildly invigorating vibration can be felt throughout the organism. A strong heat envelope quickly forms around the whole body ...


Overall, I have the impression that this silk supports being human in the physical body.


male 61 years (translated from German)