We are pleased to introduce you to new textiles for your health.

What is DEVA Peat Silk?

The silk for our textiles originates from organic silk rearing and GOTS certified production in India. The pupae of the silkworms are not killed, but can hatch out of the cocoon as a buterfly and complete their life cycle (called Peace Silk or Ahimsa silk). Thus the valuable properties of the silk are preserved.


The peat fibers from the hill bog are cleaned and revitalized through rhythmic processes in which constitutive and bene-ficial substances are involved.


Then the Peace Silk fabrics are activated with the revitalized (refined) peat fibers. The protective and strengthening qualities of the peat and the Peace Silk can work together when using the textiles as clothing or when designing the living space.


DEVA peat silk warms in a very specific way and has a positive effect on the life forces, which need a lot of heat.


We especially recommend people who have a high sensitivity to electro-magnetic radiation and negative environmental influences to use DEVA peat silk.


Please find out for yourself how DEVA peat silk works and if it is good for you! 


DEVA peat silk is also suitable for babies and toddlers. Silk has been shown to provide relief for irritated skin and accelerate wound healing. Sericin (silk gum - especially in bourette silk) has a skin-calming and anti-inflammatory effect. Link to the study


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